Joanna Briggs Institute

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The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) is an international non-for-profit institute based in the School of Translational Science, within the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. The general website provides information on evidence-based practice, syntheses using systematic reviews, resources for appraising methodological quality and also has a focus on implementing evidence-based practice.

It has a wealth of resources that are certainly worth a look. A few special mentions include:

  • The JBI Library of systematic reviews and implementation reports; Best Practice Information Sheets (Summaries) and Technical Reports and Rapid Appraisals of Published Papers.
  • For a quicker way to access the variety of EBP publications produced by JBI, you can search JBI COnNECT+ (Clinical Online Network of Evidence for Care and Therapeutics) database.
  • The JBI Sumari software packages to assist with systematic review of the literature

Resource contributed by: Joanna Briggs Institute
Affiliation: Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Adelaide, South Australia
Date uploaded:  8/11/2013
Latest review:  8/11/2013
Reviewed by:  E. Murray
Next review due:  December 2014


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