Critical Appraisal Tool

60 mins

This is a critical appraisal tool (CAT) which was designed by UNSW Medicine but is equally applicable across allied health areas including optometry. A CAT is useful when appraising research evidence, since it provides a list of key points to look for during critique, helping to identify confounding factors related to factors such as masking, randomisation, control and other forms of bias. Use the tool while you read a research paper, as a checklist or reminder of key points to look for. Note though that it is not exhaustive and you will need to look for all possible confounders while reading the paper.

Resource contributed by: Dr Rachel Thompson
Affiliation: Medicine, University of New South Wales
Date uploaded:  19/7/2013
Latest review:  19/7/2013
Reviewed by:  C. Suttle
Next review due:  December 2014

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