Have you ever....

....wondered if there is a better way of assessing or treating a patient?

....had a conversation with a colleague about a technique and wanted to know if it would work?

....heard a news story and questioned if the information would apply to your practice? 

....been asked a question about a treatment or condition you have not heard of before?

Evidence-based Practice helps you answer these questions and more!

Evidence-based practice involves clinical decision making using systematic evidence as well as clinical expertise and patient’s preferences, within the context of the workplace (Satterfield, 2009). Optometrists, like other health professions, have a desire and clinical responsibility to help their patients see effectively and be as healthy as possible (Code of Conduct for optometrists, Optometry Board of Australia. Available at:

EBP offers a framework for deciding which course of clinical action may be most appropriate for any given patient. It is difficult to have the answer to every clinical question, particularly as patients vary. Instead, having the EBP knowledge and skills allows you answer your own individual questions - for your particular patient. EBP should improve your practice and result in better outcomes for your patient. EBP is well-adopted by other health professions, for example medicine, speech pathology, psychology and nursing. It is the project team’s goal that graduates and practitioners will be able to answer a clinical question using EBP from after completing the materials on this site.

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