ARVO abstracts assessment task

5 mins

Task name: ARVO abstracts assessment/‘Hot off the press’ task.

Task description: Educator provides students with a list of 10 conference abstracts (e.g. ARVO conference). Task for students is to pick a single abstract and to identify the ‘gap of knowledge’ in the textbook that the abstract attempts to address. Students log the process/journey of the task summarising the assignment process. Outlining their thoughts/frustrations etc. Submission is the relevant textbook page number and paragraph along with their reflective critique.

This task is part of an aligned series of tasks. A prior task includes drawing a mind map of topics. They also submit a written work. It is the context of this task which makes it worthwhile. It is not standalone.

Year level: 2

Assessment: 10%

Resource contributed by: Assoc Professor Barbara Junghans
Institution: The University of New South Wales
E-mail: b.junghans [at]
Date uploaded:  19/2/2013
Latest review:  19/2/2013
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Next review due:  December 2014

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