EBP Process

The EBP Process

When clinical decisions are made in an evidence-based manner, we can think of this process as taking place in five stages, or steps, as follows:

AskFormulate a question that encompasses the clinical scenario, and for which evidence can be found by searching the literature. To facilitate the search process, the question should include terms that can be used in the literature search.



Acquire: Search the peer-reviewed literature for research evidence relevant to the clinical question.



AppraiseEvaluate the relevant research evidence, to find the highest quality (most reliable, or valid) evidence available relevant to this question.



Apply: Use the highest quality research evidence in combination with clinical expertise and the patient’s preferences, within the context of the practice environment, to make a clinical decision (e.g. a strategy for treatment, diagnosis or management).


AuditA regular assessment of the extent to which clinical decisions in the practice were based on the best available research evidence.


Each of the above steps are considered in detail on this site.

In summary:

Please view the draft online EBPmap and consider how we might use this in the online resource (note we will combine steps 1a and 1b for the final version).



EBP process: 
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