Active August

EBP skills test validation UNSW PhD student, Taghreed Alnahedh, who has been working alongside the EBP Optometry Project, has nearly completed the validation of the adapted Fresno Test. This EBP skills test has been specially designed by Taghreed and other team members to test EBP skills and knowledge specific to Optometry.

National ethics approval was sought during August, and is now approved for Survey data collection, and testing EBP skills at other Universities. The process of ratifying ethics locally is currently underway.

Online resource for learning and teaching EBP. The first draft web site representing the structure of this resource is being reviewed by Team members and interviews are being held for the post of web-designer to create this resource.

Our project logic is an exemplar on a L&T project website: Guidelines for leading and managing university projects in learning and teaching:

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