Dancing through December

With the year coming to a close there was no slowing down of the EBP train!

EBP Optometry training sessions 
Development of ‘train-the-trainer’ EBP optometry sessions is underway. These sessions will be aimed at both teachers and clinicians, helping them access tools to aid them in teaching students to be great evidence-based practitioners. 

Online resource
The Online resource is looking great. Content and layout are being fine-tuned and we are now organising focus groups to gather input/feedback from students, practitioners and teachers.

We have now opened an EBP Optometry Facebook page. Support our project by ‘liking’ us. We are looking forward to hearing from you, so feel free to post on our wall:

Warm wishes for the Festive Season
May this time of year be a lovely time for you and your family and friends.Thank you for your support this year. The EBP team is really enthusiastic about 2013 and wish you a fabulous year ahead.






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